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Injury Illness Prevention Plans

All Bear Valley Unified School District employees, including managers and supervisors, are responsible for complying with safe and healthful work practices. Each school site and other work departments in addition to school sites, have an approved Injury Illness Prevention Plan. This plan outlines the responsibilities to help support the safe workplace environment.


Every site has a designated platform in the administrative office called the SAFETY SHELF. On this shelf you will find the Injury Illness Prevention Plan for your school site/work department. Also included on this shelf are several other very important safety plans listed below. You make review these plans at any time. You are encouraged to ask your school site principal or department supervisor any questions you may have concerning these safety plans. Check your web site resources on a regular basis for updates.


Bloodborne Pathogens/Exposure Control Plan

Heat Illness Prevention Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan (Big Bear Middle School and Big Bear High School)