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Board Biographies

Mr. Paul Zamoyta

Governing Board Member

Elected 2018

Term expires


Mr. John Goepp

Governing Board President

Appointed January 19, 2015

Term expires 2020


Mr. Goepp is fulfilling the term originally held by Mr. Randall Putz; Mr. Putz’s term had two years remaining


Boeing Director of Engineering – Retired


BSChE Stanford University

MSChE University of Pennsylvania


Resided in Big Bear for one year


Volunteer at various BVUSD School Sites

Special interests:  Promoting an integrated STEM curriculum throughout district to enable student college and career readiness


Hobbies and interests include tennis, skiing, and fiction writing.

Mrs. Cathy Herrick

Governing Board Vice President

Appointed February 9, 2015

Term expires 2018


Mrs. Herrick is fulfilling the term originally held by Dr. Kenneth Turney; because this is an appointed position, it became a short-term position of two years. Mrs. Herrick was elected to a second two-year short-term in 2016.


Vice President/Director of Operations for Parallel Broadcasting, Inc., dba KBHR-FM Radio and Outdoor

J. Walter Thompson and Focus Media/Media Supervisor and Los Angeles Market Radio Buyer for Focus Media (accounts included Target and Sears)

Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Citizen’s Energy


Raised in Medford, Massachusetts relocating to Los Angeles in 1986

BA in Art History from Tufts University


Moved to Big Bear in 1995

Daughter has attended BVUSD K-12

Volunteer at Big Bear Elementary School

Active participant in the parent supported Booster Clubs at each school site

President of BBES Booster Club 2006-2009

President of BBMS Booster Club 2010-2011 school year

Participant on individual school committees and district committees including the Budget Advisory Committee, Healthy Start LEA Oversight, Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee, and the LCAP Advisory Committee.


Community involvement includes Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Bureau, Snow Summit Race Team, Big Bear Cycling Association, Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council, and the Big Bear Yacht Club.


Hobbies and interests include traveling, boating, and most recently, golf.

Mrs. Sudie Smartt

Governing Board Clerk

Term expires 2018


Appointed February 2017 fulfilling the term originally held by Mr. Paul Zamoyta. Due to Mr.Zamoyta’s resignation, this position is short-term to the next election cycle.


Ms. Smartt has been a resident of the Big Bear Valley for over 20 years; 19 of those years were spent teaching at Big Bear Elementary School. Ms. Smith’s daughter and son graduated from Big Bear High School and Chautauqua High School respectively.


Ms. Smartt spends her spare time reading, traveling, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and engaging in Pilates.

Mrs. Beverly Grabe

Governing Board Member

Elected 2008 first term; 2012 second term

Term expires 2020


Retired Educator

Teacher, Big Bear High School 1982-1992

Principal, North Shore Elementary School 1992-1999


Mrs. Grabe moved to Big Bear in 1978 with her husband, George, and their two sons, Tim and Jamie.  Tim and Jamie graduated from Big Bear High School and continued on to graduate from college.  Both are successful professionals.


Public education is one of Mrs. Grabe’s passions.  Not content to be retired, Mrs. Grabe ran for the Governing Board of the Bear Valley Unified School District and, thanks to you, the citizens of Bear Valley, was elected in 2008.  Mrs. Grabe was elected to a second term in 2012.  Mrs. Grabe is proud to serve as your representative on the Governing Board.