Bear Valley USD Transportation
General Information
  • Students need to be on time to their bus stops, they should arrive no earlier than five minutes before the bus comes.
  • Each student is assigned one bus stop, we provide home to school transportation only. Please no changing stops or buses. Students cannot have multiple stops. 
  • Crossing a major street to get to a closer bus stop is not permitted. Major streets include Big Bear Bl, North Shore Dr, Greenway, State Lane and Highway 38/Green spot.
  • All students are escorted by driver to the twelfth grade, in front of the bus with the driver.
  • All buses are equipped with seatbelts and students must wear them, this can be a three day suspension if not worn.
  • If a bus is running late wait for 15 minutes before leaving the stop, do not hesitate to call transportation for information on the bus's whereabouts. 
  • In weather expect the buses to run late.
Late start middle school and high school:
All bus stop times for BBHS & BBMS will be two hours to two hours and fifteen minutes later. If your bus is late to the stop please wait until it arrives. If you have any concerns on the location of the bus, please call 584-7658 (Grades 6 - 12
*Some routes will run late on these days *See school calendar for late start dates 
Thursday early release elementary schools:
Thursday's are early release for all elementary students. All afternoon bus stop times will be two hours earlier for NSES and BLES. (Grades TK - 5)  High school and Middle school Buses will run late in the afternoon on these days.  
*Some routes will run late on these days *See school calendar for late start dates 

Seatbelts Everyone!

All students must wear a seatbelt while on the bus, at all times. Students must take their seat, seatbelt in and keep the seatbelt on until their bus stop or when the bus arrives at their respective school site or activity trip destination.

If a student does not put on their seatbelt and keep it on for the duration of the bus ride, that student will receive a three-day bus suspension with a citation which will go into their student file with the school district.

California Law requires three-point seatbelts (1) on school buses manufactured on and after July 1, 2005, that carry more than sixteen passengers (2) on all other school buses manufactured on and after July 1, 2004.

5 CCR 14105 States: All passengers in a school bus or in a school pupil activity bus that is equipped with passenger restraint systems in accordance with sections 27316 and 27316.5 of the Vehicle Code, shall use the passenger restraint system. All pupils described in subdivision (a) of Education Code Section 39831.5, shall be instructed in an age-appropriate manner in the use of passenger restraint systems required by Education Code Section 39831.5(a)(3).



California School Bus Laws

Drivers are legally required to stop when encountering a school bus that has come to a halt in front of them and has its stop sign arm extended and lights flashing. These rules apply to private roads as well and are laid out in California’s Vehicle Code 22454.

Vehicles can resume progress and pass a school bus when the stop sign is no longer out and the lights have stopped flashing.

Drivers in both directions must come to a stop in these circumstances:

  • On a two-lane road without a median, drivers in both directions must stop.
  • On a two-lane road with a center turning lane, drivers on both sides must still stop.

In some situations, drivers on the opposite side of the road can proceed when a school bus is stopped:

  • Drivers traveling in the opposite direction on a four-lane highway (with or without a median) are permitted to proceed when a school bus is stopped, but are still urged to proceed cautiously.
  • Drivers traveling on the opposite side of a two-lane road with a median can also pass a school bus cautiously.

When you are stopped, it’s a good idea to monitor the children getting off the bus. If they are in view keep track of where they all end up before you proceed. 

School Bus Stop Summaries 23-24 
Kindergarten Information & Student Release Forms
School Bus Safety Rules
  • Respect the driver and fellow students
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited
  • Picture taking and videotaping are prohibited
  • Face forward & wear your seatbelt at all times
  • Refrain from loud screaming or talking
  • No changing bus stops without written permission
  • No spraying of perfumes or deodorant
  • No fighting
  • No eating, drinking, or chewing gum
  • No profanity, offensive remarks or name calling
  • No standing or changing seats while bus is moving
  • No horseplay
  • No throwing objects
  • No head, arms, or hands outside of the windows
  • No feet in the aisle
  • No Skateboards allowed on bus