Welcome Spring!
It has been a cold, Icy and difficult winter.  We are looking forward to warmer days here at the transportation department. Pre-tripping a bus in wet and cold weather is no fun! Driving in the ice and snow makes for long and stressful days.
Homeschool Field Trips - Home School Facts
The warmer months will bring a lot of fun activity trips. Riley's Farm is one of our favorites. Trip season is the best season of all.  Riding the bus is not a chore to get to school but a ride to adventure, learning and fun. 
Activity trip bus riders still have to follow the rules of ridership. The number one rule for the students is to stay in their seat and stay belted in. The number two, is horse playing on the bus, this is a big distraction to the driver and unsafe when the bus is in motion. Several of the trips will go off the mountain and the driver has to concentrate on the real safety issue, keeping their eyes on the road, not on the students messing around.
School Bus Safety rules are required to be posted in every bus, this is something CHP wants drivers to check daily in the pre-trip vehicle inspection. The safety rules are posted where passengers can see them,  usually above the driver's seat. 

Respect the driver and fellow students

Smoking and vaping are prohibited

Picture taking and videotaping are prohibited

Face forward & wear your seatbelt at all times

Refrain from loud screaming or talkingcool school bus drawing - Clip Art Library

No changing bus stops without written permission

No spraying of perfumes or deodorant

No fighting

No eating, drinking, or chewing gum

No profanity, offensive remarks or name calling

No standing or changing seats while bus is moving

No horseplay

No throwing objects

No head, arms, or hands outside of the windows

No feet in the aisle



Late start middle school and high school:
All bus stop times for BBHS & BBMS will be two hours later on late start days. If your bus is late to the stop please wait until it arrives. If you have any concerns on the location of the bus, please call 584-7658 (Grades 6 - 12
Late Start Dates 22/23 School Year:    4/24, 5/15
Thursday early release elementary schools:
Every Thursday is early release for all elementary students. All afternoon bus stop times will be two hours earlier for NSES and BLES. (Grades TK - 5)
Enrichment BBMS, North Shore and Baldwin Lane   2022/2023 School Year
Mondays and Tuesdays
Spring Session: February 27th through May 2nd, 2023
Bus Stop Summaries
2022-23 School Year
After School Enrichment Schedule 22-23 School Year. Monday and Tuesday
Kindergarten Information & Student Release Forms
Summer 2023 School Bus Stop Summary Baldwin Lane
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