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Learning Options

In-person Learning

Bear Valley Unified School District is excited to have all students return back to full-day instruction five days a week starting August 2nd. Each classroom is equipped with a talented, dedicated, and supportive teacher. Students have numerous opportunities to collaborate with each other and learn together in an innovative learning environment. 

Independent Study

Bear Valley Unified School District offers alternative learning options to our students from grades kindergarten to twelfth. We strive to offer solutions that meet each individual student's unique needs. During the 2021-2022 school year, the district will be adhering to all requirements of AB 130 as it pertains to independent study.

Short Term Independent Study

Families looking for short-term, 15 days or less, flexibility in education have the option to request a short term independent study contract from their school. This allows students to retain their current teacher during this period when flexibility is needed. 

Long Term Independent Study

Long term independent study can be requested to support students in need of an alternate learning experience. The students and their parent/guardian will be required to complete a contract with the school agreeing to participate in this program before instruction can begin. All schools will be following AB 130 during the 2021-2022 school year. Learn more about AB 130 and long term independent study here.

Bear Valley Virtual Academy

This program offers a rigorous instructional environment for all grade levels. Students in this program will work with a Bear Valley Unified School District teacher and continue their education through an advanced online platform. In addition, students will have a virtual teacher to provide instruction in the Connexus online program.