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Open: RFP #2021-BVUSD-WAN
Year 2021

Closed: RFP #2019-BVUSD-WAN
Year 2019

Closed: Network Equipment Wireless and Firewall RFP#BVUSD IT 2016-02
Year 2017
Vendor Questions

Closed: Hosted VOIP Specification RFP#tech001-2015
Year 2015

Closed: WAN Specification RFP (tech001-2013)
Year 2014
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Erate Vendor Questions
Year 2014-15
1. Do you already own IP Phones? If so what are the makes/models?
A. No
2. If no phones are owned, would you be interested in leasing or purchasing new phones?
A. Please provide both if you have both options available.
3. Do you require a system paging?
A. We will require paging through the phones like our current system can do. We would like      to also be able page through the entire system from one location.
4. Are you interested in call conferencing larger than 3 parties?
A. A minimum of 3 with a cost option to add up to 6.
5. Is this RFP asking for circuits as well?
A. No
6. Will this project be awarded to multiple vendors?
A. No
7. School site phone total break out.
    Big Bear ES - 34 (8 of which are Admin level phones)
    Big Bear MS - 49 (6 of which are Admin level phones)
    North Shore ES - 40 (7 of which are Admin level phones)
    Big Bear HS - 65 (14 of which are Admin level phones)
    Chautauqua HS - 18 (5 of which are Admin level phones)
    Baldwin Lane ES - 39 (4 of which are Admin level phones)
    District Office - 17 (11 of which are Admin level phones)
    Transportation - 5 (3 of which are Admin level phones)
        8.  What DID numbers does the District currently use?
    Big Bear ES - 909-866-4638, 909-866-4406, 909-866-2899, 909-866-4179
    Big Bear MS - 909-866-4634
    North Shore ES - 909-866-7501, 909-866-4232, 909-866-1522
    Big Bear HS - 909-585-6892, 909-584-4764, 909-585-6257, 909-585-0240
    Chautauqua HS - 909-585-2521, 909-584-1174
    Baldwin Lane ES - 909-585-7766, 909-584-4332
    District Office - 909-866-4631
    Transportation - 909-584-7658
- 909-584-7817
                    Warehouse            - 909-584-8356                       
9. How many voice mailboxes will you be needing?
A. 267
Year 2011
  1. How many handsets will you need?
    • A: 275
  2. Are you putting phones in each classroom?
    • A: Every classroom has a phone currently.
  3. Are there any other locations?
    • A: Yes. Transportation and Bus Maintenance.
  4. Are they currently connected to your district office?
    • A: Yes
  5. What is the bandwidth between each location?
    • A: 1Gb Fiber WAN through Charter Business. Transportation and Bus Maintenance are connected to a school site via a 20Mbs LOS wireless connection.
  6. Do you have Category 5 cabling going to everywhere you will need a phone?
    • A: Category 5 only. 2 Sites have a mix of Category 5 and Category 5e.
  7. Do you already have POE switches at each location?
    • A: Not at all of the sites.
  8. What type of switches do you have now?
    • A: HP ProCurve Switch 2600-PWR.
  9. How many concurrent phone calls would you like?
    • A: 150
  10. Will you port (move phone numbers) from another company to our service?
    • A: If you mean Verizon, then yes.
  11. If you are porting numbers, how many numbers will you be porting?
    • A: 70
  12. Please provide the area code and first three digits of the numbers(s) you will be porting?
    • A: 909-584, 909-866, 909-585
  13. If you are not porting numbers, how many new phone numbers would you like?
    • A: None
  14. How many voicemail boxes will you need?
    • A: One for each phone plus 70 more.
  15. Will you port (move) a toll free number from another company to our service?
    • A: No
  16. What month / year would you like the service to be effective?
    • A: Possibly July / 2012
  17. What type of internet service will the VoIP service use?
    • A: Charter Business WAN at 1Gb to all sites and down to our County Office of Education.
  18. Is there Cat 5e or 6 at the station locations?
    • A: No
  19. Is your present system VoIP or SIP Trunk Compatible?
    • A: Present system is Nortel/Norstar KSU
  20. What is the make and model?
    • A: N/A
  21. Are you looking for a Hosted solution?
    • A: A hosted solution is acceptable.
  22. How many schools and other sites do you have total?
    • A: 8
WAN Services
  1. 1. Could you please provide the telephone number and address for each end point?
  • A:
    • 909-866-4631, 42271 Moonridge Road, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • 909-585-7766, 44500 Baldwin Lane, Sugarloaf, CA 92386
    • 909-866-4638, 40940 Pennsylvania, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • 909-866-7501, 765 N. Stanfield Cutoff, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • 909-866-4634, 41275 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • 909-585-6892, 351 N. Maple Lane, Sugarloaf, CA 92386
    • 909-585-2521, 525 N. Maple Lane, Sugarloaf, CA 92386
  1. Type if connectivity you require between the locations?
  • A: