Apple Device Support

Macbook Pro
If you're having trouble airplaying videos from your Mac, please turn off Hardware Acceleration in Chrome.  Click on this link in Chrome:  chrome://settings/?search=graphic and make sure "Use graphics acceleration when available" is toggled off.
If you need to install new software, printers or other peripherals to your Mac, please contact Tech Services at [email protected]
If you need apps or have questions on your iPad, please contact Tech Services at [email protected]
Apple TV
Apple TV and Projector:
If your Apple TV is having issues streaming, please try to restart the Apple TV.  
If your Apple TV is not able to use Airplay, it might have performed an update, please click through the "Continue" screens using the Apple TV remote until you see the Home screen.  You should be able to then use the Apple TV and Airplay normally.
Remember to charge your Apple TV remote every few months, using a lightning cable (the same cable that comes with the standard issues iPads).
If your projector is overheating or not powering on, please contact Tech Services at [email protected]