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Field Trip Request Form

Buses Seat:
*78 Elementary students. 65 for off the hill trips.
*52 High School/Middle School students.
Buses will not be scheduled the last week of school.
Trip cost:
$65.00 per hour for on hill trips.
$65.00 per hour up to 8 hours.
One dollar per mile.
After 8 hours the cost will include the drivers time and half.
Extra Costs:
The time a substitute is paid for the next morning if the trip goes past ten PM.
Buses must be left clean or a $50.00 fee will be charged. 
Teachers/Coaches/Chaperones will ensure that the students follow basic bus rules. 
1. Remain seated/seat belted.
2. No loud talking or yelling
3. No hands or heads out of windows. 
4. No profanity/offensive talk.
5. No cleats or studded footwear on the bus
More rules are posted in each bus. 
At the end of the trip teachers and coaches must check the bus for cleanliness and personal belongings.