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Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP)

The Bear Valley Unified School District will investigate all allegations of unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying against any protected group as identified in Education Code section 200 and 220 and Government Code section 11135, including any actual or perceived characteristics as set forth in Penal Code section 422.55 or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics in any program or activity conducted by the agency, which is funded directly by, or that receives or benefits from any state financial assistance.


The UCP shall also be used when addressing complaints alleging failure to comply with state and/or federal laws in:


Bilingual Education

California Peer Assistance and Review Programs for Teachers

Career Technical and Technical Education and Career Technical and Technical Training

Career Technical Education

Child Care and Development

Child Nutrition     

Compensatory Education

Consolidated Categorical Aid

Course Periods without Educational Content

Education of Pupils in Foster Care and Pupils who are Homeless

Every Student Succeeds Act / No Child Left Behind

Local Control Accountability Plans (including Charter Schools as described in EC §§ 47606.5 and 47607.3);

Physical Education Instructional Minutes

Pupil Fees

Reasonable Accommodations to a Lactating Pupil

Regional Occupational Centers and Programs

School Safety Plans

Special Education

State Preschool

Tobacco-Use Prevention Education


Any individual, public agency, organization may file a written complaint alleging a matter which, if true, would constitute a violation by the District of federal or state laws or regulations governing the programs and activities as well as allegations of unlawful discrimination identified above. UCP complaints are to be submitted in writing to:


Bear Valley Unified School District
Dr. Mary Suzuki, Office of the Superintendent

42271 Moonridge Road/P.O. Box 1529

Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

(909) 866-4631


Any person with a disability or who is unable to prepare a written complaint can receive assistance from the site-administrator/designee or by calling the Office of the Superintendent at (909) 866-4631.


Parent and Student Processes References: The administrative regulation 1312.3 will provide detailed steps to filing a written complaint. It is a BVUSD regulatory document to help you with the necessary documentation to submit your complaint (see Attachments below). The board’s policy 1312.3 is the district’s assurance to you of its responsibilities in accordance with district’s policy and other state and federal regulations (see Attachments below). The entire Uniform Complaint Procedures is also attached, including the UCP Annual Policy (see Attachments below).



The District assures confidentiality to the maximum extent possible. The District prohibits retaliation against anyone who files a complaint or anyone who participates in the complaint investigation process Complainants are advised that civil law remedies may also be available to them.


The sixty (60) day timeline for the investigation and District response shall begin when the written complaint is received by the Office of the Superintendent.